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Hallelujah Amen


“Hands down the purest tenor I have ever heard, Duane Cliatt is the modern day Roy Orbison. His vocal range is through the roof. A singing style that is completely unique.”
Steve Dean
Grammy Nominated Songwriter

NASHVILLE, TN – October 8, 2014 – Duane Cliatt has been named the October “Best Vocalist of the Month” by the online magazine SingerUniverse.com for performing his single “Hallelujah Amen” from his upcoming album 1000 Miles.

Dale Kawashima, Head of SingerUniverse, said “Duane Cliatt was the best vocalist we heard last month, standing out from fine artists in all genres. He has a soulful, powerful voice.”

Duane’s featured article can be found here.

Hello, my name is Duane Cliatt and the following is a quick synopsis of me…..

I am a southern boy through and through, born in the pines and sand of South Carolina. I speak with a southern drawl of which i am not ashamed and attempt to be a gentleman at every opportunity available. I am at peace, yet often incomplete or unsettled. I find joy in attempting to adapt to any culture and finding my place in that place. I love to hear ones storyand then create another story from that story….good or bad, i am a songwriter….


My school grade years were spent in the relatively small town of Camden, SC. The day after graduation, I left to explore more of the world. The goal was to pursue a career in the music field however, that would sometimes get lost in a young man’s desire to taste all the fruits available of which he had not tasted. Through it all, I did somehow find a way to make some sort of living writing and playing songs. Sometimes on a stool with an acoustic guitar, sometimes fronting a band but always playing a majority of original work.

After some years of this pattern I would meet the girl who would later become my wife at one of these such shows. We fell in love and without any planning soon had a family. The responsibilities of being a father far outweighed the need for the rock and roll lifestyle. I needed money. After several construction gigs, I ended up obtaining a CDL license and hitting the road as a long haul truck driver. This soon led to owning semi’s and becoming legitimate business owners in an extremely tough industry but, we made it work.

The burning desire to make music never left. Actually, it got stronger. With a sober and clear mind, the songs started to become too much to overlook or deny. After several discussions, my wife Kym and I decided to make the move to Nashville and give this thing a real chance. So with family and all, we rolled out.

The Nashville music industry is an extremely quirky animal. There is no right or wrong I have learned but yet there is. My personal experience in “the scene” was pretty successful in my humble opinion. I moved up into the eye of the major label washing machine very quickly and experienced all the highs and lows that come with that. I learned a lot about songwriting, recording, producing, and performing and pretty much whatever else I was willing to absorb.


The ride toward the highest stars had begun….

A phone call in late December of 2015 would spring a series of personal tragic events that would forever change my view of anything I thought I had ever known. Everything that seemed important, was not. Goals were a joke and motivation was nonexistent. Time to have a once in a lifetime restart. In this order ….God, self, spouse, offspring, and then everything else. We invested in a new big truck and trailer, restarted the business, and put all things in a new order. I cut a new record on my dime, by far the best work I have had the luck to be a part of, in my opinion. My songs written and performed by me. Live band and vocals recorded at the ever famous RCA studio A facilities. I have wrote at a steady pace following all the above mentioned happenings. Not for a cut or acceptance from my music peers, but from the heart, from the pain, or from happiness. It works for me and that is all I have control of. I now know the ‘why’ of this work, not always understanding the ‘how’ but that doesn’t really matter. The goal is to share these feelings with as many people as will listen….maybe through a melody and the right words, at the right time, at that right moment, they can feel what I feel in a way they may not be able to express.


Thank you for your time. My story is not over and neither is yours…...Duane Cliatt

Duane Cliatt
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